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I own a Dinghy!

Here are several easy, big-impact ways you can help this renaissance of Dinghy sailing. Send an email to sail@nhdinghy.org for more information.
Sail your Dinghy

Take that classic boat out as much as possible! Invite others. Have a hoot....

Give your Dinghy to the Foundation

We are absorbing competitive fiberglass Dinghies into our communal fleet. You get a tax deduction and the knowledge that your boat will have an amazing new life. It will be refitted to be as fast as possible and be made available to sailors young and old... including you! The name on the transom remains as your legacy.

Loan your Dinghy to the Foundation

We can take your Dinghy on loan for the season and give her a new sail while on loan. We will cover the cost of mooring, and include her in our insurance coverage. She will be equally available to anyone qualified to sail through our community sailing Dinghy Initiative, including you, of course.

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