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More than a Class Association

The North Haven Dinghy Foundation is the national regulating class association for the oldest one-design sailboat in America. Formed in 2021 “for the purpose of preserving the historic North Haven Dinghy one-design sailing class,” the Foundation is a proactive commitment to making the experience of sailing our iconic boat more vibrant and accessible than ever.


1. To promote sports competition in the historic North Haven Dinghy sailboat.

2. To regulate nationally as the North Haven Dinghy class association, maintaining uniform rules and the one-design feature of the sailboat.

3. To provide the general public with access to North Haven Dinghies, emphasizing youth participation in the sport.


We actively coordinate with Dinghy owners, support the Dinghy national championship, publish Dinghy class specifications, maintain an active website, host a class listserv, keep current owner lists, host periodic tuning and racing clinics, distribute electronic newsletters, facilitate access to boat parts, coordinate with boatwrights to ensure all new Dinghies conform to class regulations, propogate a uniform set of class rules to support one-design racing of Dinghies, maintain various artifacts and databases from our 135-year history, and generally promote the fun of sailing the North Haven Dinghy to anyone who is interested! Perhaps most importantly, we strive to put new sailors in these old boats through our communal Dinghy Initiative.


Special thanks goes out to all these folks who have already given time, advice, funds, and energy to make The Dinghy Foundation a reality: Adam Alexander, Dan Amory, Jon Amory, Patrick Amory, Barba + Wheelock Architecture, Dante Bayona, Luis Berrizbeitia, Nathalie Binney, Nancy Blackett, Carter Brock, Foy Brown, Luke Brown, Lydia Brown, Levy Byrd, Dorsey Cabot, Harry Cabot, Stephanie Cabot, Walter Cabot, Lee Campbell, Mark Carthy, North Haven Casino, Jenni Lyn Cooper, Sara Diaz, Ollie Dietter, Zeke Dietter, Brackett Dow, Joan Dow, Wells Dow, Peter Dragonas, Peter Dunbar, Jenny Dupont, Pierre Dupont, Andrew Gilbert, Carrie Gilbert, North Haven Golf Club, Paul Goodhof, Ben Hammond, Jay Hammond, Kate Hammond, John Hanson, Ken Hartt, North Haven Historical Society, Jeff Holmgren, Kate Holmgren, Mara Holmgren, Will Holmgren, Lib Holt, Chris Huntington, Jeff Huster, Barrie Hyman, Leslie Hyman, Sarah Hyman, Cathy Iselin, Abby Janes, Ben Lamont, Tommy Lamont, Tucker Lannon, Griffin Leschefske, Sam Levine, Cam Lewis, Emmy Lewis, George Lewis, Jeff Longnecker, Bill Macgowan, Maine Boats Homes & Harbors Inc., Nancy Mazzulli, Robert McKenzie, Alex Merchant, Joanna Metcalfe, Catherine Nordensen, Sebastien Nordensen, David Parsons, Lori Pease, Roland Pease, Bob Perkins, John Perkins, Mark Ploch, Bonnell Robinson, US Sailing, Dicky Saltonstall, George Saltonstall, Polly Saltonstall, Phil Saul, Peter Scott, Chris Scott-Hansen, Ed Scott-Hansen, Bill Seefeld, Kate Simcoe, Anita Spertus, Ella Tagliamonte, Will Tagliamonte, Benoit Ugeux, Nick Vlasto, Neil Wallace, Lorraine Washington, Ann Wiedie, John Wilkins, Janet Williamson, Margot Woodworth, and others unnamed!

Support & Contact

To learn more about donating to The Dinghy Foundation, please click here. The easiest way to reach out is by email at sail@nhdinghy.org. To specifically support our community sailing initiative, you can make an online donation here. Mailings can be sent to North Haven Dinghy Foundation, 654 Crabtree Point Road, North Haven, ME, 04853.

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